High Performance Graph Data Management and Processing workshop
November 13th, 2016 | Salt Lake City, USA.
SuperComputing'16 SuperComputing'16 BSC

Accepted Papers

Full Papers
  • Distributed Multithreaded Breadth-First Search on Large Graphs using DXGraph. Stefan Nothaas, Kevin Beineke and Michael Schoettner
  • An Efficient Parallel Trust-based Recommendation Method on Multicores. Huafeng Liu, Liping Jing and Miaomiao Cheng
  • Power-Efficient Breadth-First Search with DRAM Row Buffer Locality-Aware Address Mapping. Satoshi Imamura, Yuichiro Yasui, Koji Inoue, Takatsugu Ono, Hiroshi Sasaki and Katsuki Fujisawa